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Congratulations to our 2020

Race to the Top

scholarship winners!

travis b.




The Ride Up Grades Road Racing scholarship is intended to give young people the tools and support to race road bikes. We look for riders who demonstrated past commitment with the tools they had, or lack thereof.


Winning riders are given a new race-ready road bike, helmet, computer, shoes, and kit from Trek. Ride Up Grades provides continuous support with team placement and training. 


Travis is ready to race. When Travis found out one of our coaches was going to Bear Mountain, the big local climb, he asked to come along. That is the kind of will and passion we are here to support.  

Umut is a graduate of Cycling Smarts, a high school road cycling program offered by I Challenge Myself. She's ridden into the wind in Gravesend Brooklyn, and completed a century on the Putnam Trail. This is her first bike! 

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