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Special thanks the partners that make Ride Up Grades a reality.


Without these forward-thinking companies, the hills would be a grind. 

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TREK Bicycles believes that the bicycle is a simple solution to the world's complex problems, and they demonstrated that by being the first major corporation to support Ride Up Grades. Trek is the backbone of the free kids summer ride camp, as well as our partner for the Trek Road Cycling Scholarship. They generously open their NYC stores to us as the camp base of operations, as well as provie the bikes to do so. Their staff works overtime during the summers to make a free road cycling camp a reality. We can't overstate the importance of their support. Thank you Trek!

Specialized Outride Fund is a matching grant program that enables us to buy supplies that are otherwise not covered, such as insurance, sponsorship bike parts and repairs, and to hire coaches that work tirelessly at the camp. The creation of the fund is hugely important to support the youth participation in the cycling industry. 

Ostroy is an integral part of the New York City cycling community and provides the gear designs for the Trek camp as well as the jerseys and bibs for our sponsored riders. The artist himself even designed a shirt specifically to donate the profits from it to Ride Up Grades. They are also generous with their connections to other brand leaders that enable us to expand our roster of supporters. Through Ostroy's connections, we met Trek, and have received numerous bike donations from individuals, which allows us to literally get butts on bikes.  

SkratchLabs donated not only a box of goodies and a cookbook for nutrition days at camp, their financial contribution allowed us to cover sponsored rider race fees and gear, and fund camp. They are partners with Ostroy for the SkratchLabs-Ostroy team, which welcomed two of our young Black riders seeking a NYC based team. Initiatives like theirs create a goal for our young riders to pursue.  

Major Taylor Iron Riders initially provided helmets, and the MTIR Presidential family and board has personally donated high-end parts to build the fleet we use at camp and offer to sponsored riders. Their youth and adult ride series hosts sponsorship and scholarship winners. 

2022/2023 major individual donors

A big thanks to individuals who care!

Wayne and Natalie Fisher

Who have given from their hearts year after year.

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