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“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best,
since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them." -Ernest Hemmingway
Read all the details below before applying!

When is Camp?

Weekdays - Monday July 8th - Friday July 19th

10a - 5pm (Late arrival may result in missing camp that day) 

Where is Camp?

Pickup and drop off happen at: 

Trek Bicycles Upper East Side

1690 2nd Avenue, Manhattan - between 87th and 88th streets down the steps

Rider's guardians will be able to sign waiver permitting their rider to go home on their own if so desired.

Who can participate? 

Up to 20 Middle and High School Students who can pedal unassisted and ride in a (relatively) straight line. You do not need your own road bike to participate, but you are welcome to bring it if you have one.

  • Riders must be 12-17 years old 

  • Parents with their own bikes are welcome to supervise or join on specific rides of interest

  • Legal guardian permission required for all participants

  • Preference given to public high school students and riders in need 

  • Riders must know how to pedal a bike unassisted and have basic steering ability (if you need to learn to ride, contact us, we can help)

Why should young people do this? 

  • Unique achievement for school applications

  • Go from Sedentary to Cyclist, or Commuter to Competitor!

  • Ride AWESOME Trek road bikes: Have Fun - Ride Bikes - Feel Good 

  • Meet friends and teammates for life 

  • Learn to navigate the city in a new and exciting way 

  • Achieve your potential on two wheels and qualify for the Ride Up Grades sponsor-shift or race team. 

While progressing from sedentary to cyclist or casual to commuter, we will teach riders basic bike maintenance, safe cycling techniques and navigation, encourage healthy habits and self-sufficiency and introduce youth to the wide world of cycling for fitness, focus and fun. 

***COST: Please note we have changed our cost structure.***

The goal of Ride Up Grades as a non-profit is to provide opportunity to riders who would not otherwise try road cycling. To ensure our donor dollars go to riders who need them, we will now ask campers who have the means to pay a small stipend that covers their food and snack costs. Level Up Scholarship winners will attend for FREE. Your support supports equity in cycling.





Start/Stop Drills - Signaling Drills - Avoidance Weave Drills - Emergency Stopping - Emergency Turning - Shifting on the Flat and Hills - Safe Passing - Group ride communication 


Learn how to change a flat, fix a dropped chain, use a patch kit, bike anatomy. 


How to fuel your body on and off the bike to prepare for endurance riding or racing. Reading nutrition labels, shopping on a budget and hydration are all covered on nutrition day as well as periodic checkins to ensure riders are hydrated and fueled. 

DESTINATIONS: Every year is a bit different. We have been to:

Randall's Island - Governors' Island - West Side Highway Bike Path - Central Park - Prospect Park - Putnam County Trail - City Island - Uppermost and Southernmost Tips of Manhattan Inwood and Battery Parks - Riverside Park - Marcus Garvey Park - Harlem Yoga Studio - AND MANY MORE LOCATIONS WITH ICE CREAM SHOPS & PIZZA! 


Self-determination, teamwork, finding your own self worth, goal setting and the ability to rise to the occasion are critical to our group rides. Rides progress in difficulty and technicality as the team progresses their skills. A positive attitude is a must - we are here to feel good, ride bikes, and have fun!



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