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The heartbeat of the Ride Up Grades, the July day camp takes teenagers with basic bike handling skills and turns them into competent commuters and budding road cyclists.

 A bike racing scholarship worth about $5,000. Rolling entry for all riders who have participated in Ride Up Grades programming or is referred by another cycling program. 

Ride Up Grades & TREK will provide a bike to keep, an annual license, travel stipend and one on one coaching to kick-start their skill-set. We aim to even the playing field and get them out of the gate strong and proud. 


Ride Up Grades aims to support riders in their journey through life, not just on the road. We find that healthy pastimes are only part of a healthy life, and for long lasting success people need well-rounded constructive support. 

Recipients are loaned a gently used road bike for a 1 year period, during which they have to demonstrate gains in mileage and/or skills and community engagement through cycling.  

Life is like riding a bicycle: to keep your balance you must keep moving.
-Albert Einstein

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