Ride Up Grades seeks to bridge both the transportation and health divide in low-income communities through cycling. We break down the barrier to entry for teenagers and families to start commuting by bike and participating in the sport of road cycling. Through free group rides, road cycling instruction, and a road racing youth scholarship we aim to turn the sedentary into cyclists, and commuters into competitors. 

Family Rides

A free family experience that focuses on safe road behavior, teaching both caregivers and kids how to be confident commuters or weekend warriors. 


One weekend day per week for four weeks will cover basic bike skills, road safety and family friendly routes. Adults will leave the program feeling confident that they can safely escort the children on rides in the city and beyond.  Kids will be inspired to keep rolling!

Trek Race to the Top Scholarship

Two passionate, and hardworking young people each year will be awarded a bike racing scholarship worth about $5,000. 


Ride Up Grades will match the young person to a compatible team, provide a bike to keep, an annual licence, travel stipend and one on one coaching to kick-start their skill-set. We aim to even the playing field and get them out of the gate strong and proud. 

Trek Ride Up Grades Day Camp 

The heartbeat of the Ride Up Grades  the July 2021 day camp takes teenagers with rudimentary bike handling skills and turns them into competent commuters and budding road cyclists.

With 3 coaches for every group of 20, the students get both group ride experience and one-on-one coaching. Five days a week for two weeks will provide an intensive experience on the bike and free lunch for each student. We hope to provide access to maintenance and opportunities to further their knowledge of cycling with our partners.